About us

Legal Translations Ltd. is the brainchild of Attorney Naomi Shenkar.  She founded the firm in 1996 as Shenkar Legal Translations, gradually expanding her team of translators to include a solid cadre of qualified attorneys. A decade later, to reflect the company’s steady growth, Ms. Shenkar incorporated Legal Translations Ltd.

The firm provides legally and linguistically accurate translations for firms large and small, from boutique law firms and equity funds to the top legal, banking, accounting and finance firms in Israel.

Every translation produced by the firm is 100% true to the original and of the highest caliber.  All material is handled in complete confidence, and delivered on time and to budget.

The reputation of Legal Translations can be attributed to the legal and translation training and meticulous eye of founder Naomi Shenkar, and her own extensive experience translating in court, in the boardroom, and beyond.

Ms. Shenkar is not alone. All the firm’s translators have law degrees from leading academic institutions in Israel and abroad, a love of language, complete fluency in the native language into which they translate, and real-world business and/or legal experience.

As well as a rich knowledge of the nuances of the languages in which they work, our translators are familiar with the laws applicable to the target country or sector, and have at their fingertips an extensive lexicon of the terms and jargon used in the diverse industries and sectors in which the firm works.

In short, NOTHING is lost in translation at Legal Translations Ltd.